Our Individual Prenatal Course in English is intended for expectant parents who do not want to participate in the group course.

Each birthing experience is different, and therefore, is great advantage when childbirth instructions and information are tailored to your specific needs and concerns.





Or more according to your wishes. Arrange the date with the coordinator.



Course fee for couples. Every other hour CZK 1500.


APERIO, Dřevná 2, Prague 2,

Or in the privacy of your own home (in Prague). Online meetings are also an option.


  • Changes during late pregnancy: physical and emotional changes, healthy living during pregnancy, nutrition, breathing.
  • Signs that labour is about to begin: first stage labour, dilation, at what point should you go to the hospital, specifics of Czech maternity hospitals, things to take to the hospital with you, formal admittance to a hospital’s labour and delivery ward.
  • The role of a birth partner: what will the birth partner need to do during childbirth?
  • Pain relief options at first stage labour: relaxation, breathing, possible labour medication for pain.
  • Labour: variations of standard delivery, caesarean birth, self-esteem and assertiveness; second, third and fourth stages of labour; labour support – your partner, a doula, childbirth and delivery nurse.
  • Postpartum: emotional and physical changes that may come after giving birth, postpartum blues vs. depression.
  • Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Introduction to newborn care: behaviour and abilities of a newborn.
  • Family changes: living with a newborn.
  • Parenthood: being a parent – expectations vs. reality, possible sources of support for parents.

It is also possible to arrange an individual consultation in French. Contact us at kurzy@aperio.cz whether you are interested in it.

With my partner we had many specific questions and we wouldn't be so confident asking them in front of others. This was really intimate, respectful but also full of interesting information and hands-on tips for birth and first weeks with newborn. We are really happy that we chose this individual course.





educator, midwife, lactation consultant

Is a midwife with a bachelor's degree, a graduate of the Aperio Academy of Childbirth Educators and a lactation consultant. She is the mother of 3 small children and therefore has her own experiences in relatively recent memory. „This period of life has always fascinated me, but it was only after having my own children that I realised how profound the changes are and at the same time how little things can make the journey more difficult or easier. I want to pass on this personal and professional experience to other women who are interested and who might need it.“


Prenatal Course