For Smooth Beginningof Your Parenthood

Smooth begennings of your parenthood

Enthusiastic, curious, full of expectations, but

sometimes also worried if you can handle it, if everything is going to be fine, wondering whether you will be good parents.

We know this can be challenging, and we are here to support you,

answer all your questions. We will help guide you through this unique period and support you in your search for your path through pregnancy and childbirth.

In the Aperio Czech Maternity Guide, you can draw on the experience of mothers and choose the right place for you to give birth. With many years of experience in various Childbirth Education Courses, we will provide you with the latest evidence-based information, Czech maternity care specifics and, plenty of support.

You can take our FREE e-book and audiobook Pregnant anywhere with you, as well as the mobile app expecting - your guide through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Don't worry; together, we can do it!

Our Educators

Rebeka Švecová

Lecturer, midwife, lactation consultant

Is a midwife with a bachlores degree, a graduate of the Aperio Academy of Antenatal Lecturers and a lactation consultant. She is the mother of 3 small children and therefore has her own experiences in relatively recent memory. „This period of life has always fascinated me, but it was only through my own children that I realized how profound the changes are and at the same time what little things can make the journey more difficult or easier. I would like to pass on this personal and professional experience to other women who are interested and in need.“

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